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Crib 5 Bean Bags

All contract furniture is legally required to comply with Crib 5 regulations.

Our Crib 5 beanbags come with our Crib 5 fabric guarantee.

If you wish to order a beanbag in Crib 5 material or would like more information,
please fill in a contact us form.

Please Note: the MOQ (minimum order quantity) of these beanbags is 4 units.

 Our Crib 5 Beanbags also have properties such as:










Behaves like normal fabric and can be used in almost all upholstery projects








Flame Retardant to Crib 5


Fabric that is flame retardant to Crib 5 makes it suitable for professional surroundings





The waterproof hyrdostatic head protects for up to 10 meters




Shield Plus™ technology pierces and electricutes cells and includes protection against bacteria, fungi and algae






Most stains can be removed by wiping clean if tackled immediately




Can withstand up to 350,000 Martinale Rubs - extremely abrasion proof






A fresh fabric that breathes as you use it.


Crib 5 explained

The British Standard (BS) requires domestic furniture to pass the following tests:
- BS EN 5971 (Smoulding cigarette test)
- BS EN 5972 (Match test)

Contract furniture is additionally required to pass the following tests:
- BS 6807 (Flame retardant test) - This is more commonly referred to as the Source 5 or Crib 5 test.

Establishments requiring Crib 5 furniture

The following establishments are legally required to use contract beds and mattresses as standard.
(Please note this is an example list and is not exhaustive)


  - B&Bs
- Guest Houses
- Hostels
- Pubs
- Boarding Schools
- Halls of Residence
- Residential Homes
- Holiday Camps

For more information, visit FIRA